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Fantasy Racers 2011 - Introducing a new season of driver selection with fantasy F1

Published by Steven Roy

Well peoples it is almost the start of the F1 season and that means it is also Fantasy Racers time. You can't have Fantasy Racers without a Sidepodcast league - it just would not be right. So I have started one and everyone has to join. It's the law.

All you have to do is go to and create your team then enter it into the Sidepodcast league. Like last year you have the option of a $40 million budget with the ability to make changes or a $45 million budget with no personnel changes. I have chosen the second option and have chosen three of the most expensive drivers; Hamilton, Vettel and Alonso. I doubt that I will stick with that line up but you have the option to change any thing you like until 26th March then you have to stick to whichever set up you have.

Once you have your team all you have to do is choose the private league number 845 called 'sidepodcast' and enter the password 'Franck'. Then post a comment here telling us which strategy and drivers you hve chosen.