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Fantasy Racers 2010 - Australia reminder - Make sure to pick your selections for Fantasy F1 for Melbourne

Published by Gavin Brown

Don't forget to select your drivers for Australia before the 5pm UK time deadline. Unless you are using Strategy 2, like me, in which case you keep the same drivers throughout. Let us know who you're going for and why, and we'll review everything after the event. For now, I will hand over to Gavin to tell you how his team is shaping up.

Hello there.

First of all, if you are having trouble making your picks, then check out my analysis and form guide for Bahrain. Regarding that race, the RubberGoat Racing System did not have a very good day out - it was soundly beaten by its bitter rivals from Trinidad (the Samsite Squad).

It seems that those who chose a fixed budget and picked good drivers had a distinct advantage - the top 10 teams in the league all chose the fixed strategy.

For RubberGoat Racing (the main team, on a flexible budget), my strategy is to pick the drivers with the highest PPM (points per million). The team had a rrrrubbish day out, ranked only 218th in the league. Therefore, after poor performances for the money they are worth, I have swapped Button, Kobayashi and Hülkenberg for Vettel and Hamilton. Alonso keeps his place from last time.

For Loyal Goats (also on a PPM strategy but on a fixed budget), I have picked a wide spread of drivers I hope will perform well this season. Therefore, my line-up is Alonso, Button, Barrichello and Vettel. This team was my best performing last time (23rd).

For RubberGoat Rich List, which is a flexible team, I have just picked expensive drivers who I think will do well. Therefore I stuck with Alonso and Vettel and changed out Hamilton for Rosberg, just to mix things up and not make it identical to the main team. The Rich list placed 59th last time.

Scuderia Capra Gomma is my fixed strategy team based on the Red Bull and Toro Rosso drivers. They placed 320th last time, as three of its drivers had a bad day (Vettel carried the team). The line-up is Vettel, Webber, Alguersuari and Buemi.

Finally, RubberGoat Rookies is a fixed strategy team using all the rookie drivers – Senna, Chandhok, Kobayashi, di Grassi, Hülkenberg and Petrov. It’s my only team that maxes out the 6-driver limit, but performed really poorly (446th in the league). To illustrate how bad the rookies did, two drivers scored minus points and the whole team only 106 – which is less than Jenson Button scored in the competition.

RubberGoat hopes that its line-up changes in the Premier team make a big difference, and that not many surprises happen this weekend!

So that’s a summary of the RubberGoat Racing System strategy – remember to make your picks before the cut off, and be sure to check my blog after the race for a full roundup of all the Fantasy Racers action.

Fantasy Racers – because F1 is more interesting off the track this year.

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