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Facebook application for F1Minute - Embedding daily F1 news content on the social network

Published by Mr. C

Building upon the success of the F1 Minute Wordpress Widget and continuing our obsession with all things Facebook related, today we're announcing the Facebook Player for F1Minute.

In profile

The application builds upon the idea that anyone can share F Minute and has been designed for Facebook users looking for free Formula 1 content to add to their pages.

We've already installed it onto our profile, so if you're curious how it looks and works feel free to take a peek. At the moment it's sitting on the widest part of the page, and looks a bit like this:

F1Minute Facebook wide profile screenshot


You too can add the player to your profile by heading to the application page and following the instructions. The player will be automatically added to your profile page.

In addition to the wide display, the audio player can also be dragged onto the left-hand side of your profile, where it automatically resizes and looks a bit like this:

F1Minute Facebook narrow profile screenshot

More information and support is available on the F1 Minute site. We're still writing the documentation though, so the page is a little sparse right now.


As ever, this is a new thing for us and we're learning as we go. The application is pretty stable, so if you're feeling adventurous, please feel free to give it a tryout.

As mentioned, we'll be writing some help text shortly. If there's anything you'd like to see added or changed then please comment here, on our profile page or even on the ever popular Sidepodcast group.

Finally if there's any way in which we can make sharing F1 Minute even easier for you, just say so. There are plenty of plugins, widgets and social applications in the pipeline, but we can always squeeze in a few more.