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Face to face - A new group on Facebook to share and celebrate all things Sidepodcast

Published by Christine

You may have already heard about this from Episode 49, or you may have found your way there by yourself, but today I'm here to promote the Facebook group.

A while back, I had an email from Paul Gibson who suggested: "Why don't you set up a Facebook group."

Ten minutes later, I mailed him back: "Done. Enjoy."

This is what we're like here at Sidepodcast Towers. Tell us what you want to see, or something you think we should be trying and we will do it. I'm not talking bungy jumping or anything like that, though, so don't get any ideas.

Anyway, the group.

I didn't really know what the point of a Facebook group was before, but every day I'm starting to see how fun it can be and what cool things we can do:

  • Share photos
  • Upload videos
  • Submit links
  • Discuss stuff
  • Post on the wall

I've got to be honest and say the wall is my favourite because we get comments like this:

Sidepodcast's Facebook Wall

I'm assuming that being the crack cocaine of something is a good thing? Or is it not? I'm going to take it as a compliment.

At the moment we're discussing the merits of Honda's livery and how it may or may not be growing on us, and I'm posting links about Max Mosley and Rubens Barrichello.

If you're a Facebook user and you want yet another place to catch up with Sidepodcast and other like-minded individuals, please sign up to be a member of the group. We welcome one and all.