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F1's Rubens Barrichello, 63rd most influential person on Twitter - Making a difference on the social networking scene

Published by Mr. C

Information Architects, authors of the ever fabulous Web Trend Map, will be releasing a brand new 2010 map later this week. This time featuring the 140 most influential people on Twitter, including none other than F1's very own Rubens Barrichello.

F1's only representative in the Cosmic 140
F1's only representative in the Cosmic 140Credit: Glenn Dunbar /LAT Photographic

Entitled the Cosmic 140, the trend map aims to highlight the users who have significantly influenced the growth of Twitter via their presence. Twitter recently entered it's fourth year, and has grown to over 75 million users in that time. Information Architects (iA) are documenting the massive growth by producing a huge infographic, listing key members of the community, people they are calling Cosmic Tweeters.

Although not officially released until the end of next week, you can download an early release of the map from iA's site. It makes for some interesting reading.

Rubens Barrichello, officially cosmic

The category of "Sports" appears to a sparsely represented, with Rubens keeping company alongside Lance Armstrong, Tony Hawk and Michael Jordan. The definition of a Cosmic Tweeter is a little loose, but I'm assuming that the Brazilian makes the list because by merely joining Twitter he created a disturbance in the force.

63rd in the world.
63rd in the world.Credit: Information Architects, Inc

Rubens is ranked 63rd out of the 140 names present, this figure is based on the number of followers and people listing him. You'll find him in the lower half of the circle, spanning the divide between sport and humor. His join date and first tweet are also included (23rd of June 2009 and something about this being his official Twitter account, respectively).

You can pre-order a copy of the infographic from iA today, for $99.00. That is a bit pricey, but we are talking A0 size here, and the company point out prints are produced on super high quality, exquisite, heavy weight, matte paper. I am so very tempted.

Rubens turned 38 years old yesterday. He's started 290+ Grand Prix and he won 11 of those. He is now the 63rd most influential person on Twitter... in the world.

If you're not doing so already, you should follow Barrichello now. Also note, Rubens appears in a list that not only fails to mention any other Formula 1 driver, but that also fails to mention any other motor racing personality at all. Danica who?

Rubens Barrichello, officially cosmic.