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F1 websites you can trust - A list of the reputable sources for Formula One news and information

Published by Mr. C

Conversation in the comments has this afternoon turned to the subject of 'trust on the web'. James Allen today debunked a recent story regarding the supposed vote from the Mercedes parent company Daimler, to remain in F1. Allen achieved this amazing feat of investigative journalism by picking up the phone and asking someone, begging the inevitable question - if he can do it, why couldn't anyone else?

We have been pretty vocal on this site as to our dislike of the news syndication agency GMM. We actively avoid quoting any story sourced from the company and encourage anyone in the comments to do the same.

GMM may or may not have been to blame for the proliferation of the "Mercedes vote" story making it's ill-informed way around the web, but clearly it's managed to cause a mass of confusion amongst F1 fans. Therefore, what we'd like to do, is compile a list of all the respectable and trustworthy news sites, that F1 fans can rely on for their Formula news. We may not get them all, but at least it's something that can be used as a starting point for the future.

F1 News You Can Trust

Now, clearly there must be more than a handful of respectable F1 news sites on the internet, but those are the ones we can be sure of at the moment. Please, please let us know in the comments if there are others you trust implicitly, especially if there are any non-English sources we're not familiar with.

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It would likely be easier (and more fun) to name and shame those homepage's that knowingly regurgitate rubbish in exchange for advertising dollars. Stuart suggested a Sidepodboycott against the most prolific offenders, but as much as that appeals we're all about the positives today, so let us know your favourites.