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Honda F1 launch video // The Brackley squad reveal their 2008 racer

Published by Mr. C

Back in November, we pointed out that although Honda Racing have a dedicated YouTube channel, it usually lags woefully behind their own Honda Racing TV efforts. This week is no exception, as YouTube is still devoid of any RA108 launch goodness despite clips being available since midday yesterday.

Don't get me wrong, as nice as their own website may be, and as keen as they are to have people watch videos on there, the viewing experience isn't as good as it could be. For example, while the playback quality should be commended, it's impossible to rewind / scrub forward, there's no fullscreen option, and we have no way of linking directly to an individual show from here. Oh, and don't even think about sharing the video with anyone else either.

If Bernie ever gets around to putting F1 races online, I swear he'll base his business model around Honda's video player.

Regardless, yesterday's launch videos happen to be worth a cursory glance, so instead we'll rely on the handywork of PunkStar5150, who has managed to find the "upload" button and get them onto YouTube.

The first of the two videos answers the most important question about last weeks test:

If you ask me, the poor speed was more to do with Ross Brawn and his 'sandbagging' tactics, but who am I to argue?

The second video covers the subject of why the car was late arriving to the track this year, as well as further discussion regarding last weeks test:

So there you have it, despite the company's best heel dragging efforts, two videos available to share.

Personally I think they're the best launch clips any team has produced so far this year, but please let us know your thoughts in the usual places.