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F1 testing pictures from the archive - More gorgeous photography from the Kemble Airfield

Published by Mr. C

As you may recall, Graham Wasey provided us with some wonderful shots of Piquet testing at Kemble last week. Since then he's had chance to trawl through his photo archive and dig out some pictures he took during previous tests at the same airport.

Wet running with Karthikeyan
Leading Edge Aviation Photography

A photograph taken back when the weather was slightly better than we're experiencing now. Apparently Williams were artificially soaking the track, although for what purpose is anyone's guess. Karthikeyan is the man getting soaked in the driving seat.

Spinning around
Credit: Leading Edge Aviation Photography

Narain pulls a 180 on the slippery surface. It's amazing how quickly those aero flip-ups start to look cluttered and dated, isn't it? A beautiful machine though.

Pedro at Kemble
Credit: Leading Edge Aviation Photography

Pedro by a nose and a half. The English countryside is a beautiful place to test a Formula One car, and that paintwork positively shimmers under sunlight.

Out of runway
Credit: Leading Edge Aviation Photography

A sharp turn from de la Rosa as he nearly runs out of asphalt. It occurs to me looking at these images, Coulthard missed his cue in life as a straight-line tester. There are no other cars for miles and hardly an obstacle in sight.

Were Renault using flow visualisation?
Credit: Leading Edge Aviation Photography

Finally, Piquet brings us up to date with the ever popular yellow, orange, red, white and blue livery that I'm not allowed to like, but do really.

As ever, many, many thanks to Graham for allowing us to use these pictures. They are simply wonderful. With rumours abound that in-season testing may resume, at least near the beginning of the season, it'll be interesting to see how long the FIA allow such straight-line testing to continue.