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F1 podcast search - How to find specific topics within audio podcasts

Published by Mr. C

Finding specific content within podcast episodes is notoriously difficult. We provide transcripts of each show, so that everything we say can be searched. But even that doesn't really solve the issue of finding whereabouts a specific phrase was spoken during an episode.

Which is why I was quite impressed when I happened upon a handy service on Attached to the base of their on-screen audio player, is a text box that says 'Search inside this show', which does exactly what you'd expect.

Pluggd screenshot showing audio to text searching

In the screenshot above I looked for the phrase 'Grand Prix' in yesterday's podcast History of F1 (Part 1), and Pluggd found two instances (highlighted in red). A quick scan of the transcript for the same show reveals that Pluggd actually missed one instance mid-way through the episode, but that's not bad going considering absolutely no effort was required on our part.

While the interface is intuitive to use I would hesitate to recommend this idea outright, because not every podcast on the site appears to be indexed and you can't search video podcasts in the same way. Finally the main search on the site doesn't appear to know about the content of individual episodes, so you'd have to open each and every show individually and then search directly inside each player, which seems a bit daft!

An interesting idea nonetheless.