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F1 people on Google+ - A list of those Formula One names that use the new social network

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This week Google threw open the doors to its social network, Google+ and although technically still considered to be an "open beta", the change means anyone can now sign up and start sharing.

Being somewhat addicted to social media sites, at Sidepodcast we've been keeping an eye on how this newcomer to the social scene might affect F1 conversation.

The sport may have been slow to adopt similar services but can now boast hundreds of personnel tweeting from the paddock and posting on Facebook.

Following an experiment we ran during qualifying in Singapore, Dan Gough asked us if we could highlight some Formula 1 early adopters. Well, we can certainly try.

Circles in the sand

Christine has been playing around with Google+ since July and has already amassed something of a following. 303 users have added Christine to their circles, while she has circled 364 people. Those numbers compare favourably to services that have been running for far longer.

By the way, if you're already signed up, be sure to circle Christine now.

At the time of writing Google+ is specifically tailored to individuals. While Facebook and Twitter allow brands and products to share information, G+ is very much a people person. For this reason, you'll not find too many Formula 1 teams, sponsors or suppliers making use of these tools right now.

F1 drivers on Google+

It's a small list, a very small list, but it is a start.

Other F1 people on Google+

There is more to F1 than drivers of course, so here are a few names we recognise from elsewhere within the sport. Some share public updates more than others.

Inner circle

Admittedly the above can be considered to be a 'select' list of users. If we've overlooked anyone please do let us know in the comments below. Formula 1 has yet to take Google+ to its heart, but there are many, many more fans signed up and actively sharing links and opinions.

You might recognise a large number of the names Christine has circled from the Sidepodcast community, from podcasts and comments. Rather than list each and every person, we encourage everyone with an account to share their profile address in the comments below.

Start building your G+ community today.