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F1 on the cheap - Formula One investigates capping the finances of the teams

Published by Mr. C

F1 is no stranger to controversy, but whilst many of the sports trials and tribulations have been well publicised during recent weeks, one particular disagreement may have slipped beneath the mainstream press' radars.

It's a subject that affects everybody within the sport and we're surprised it hasn't garnered more attention. Apparently there was a major, if rather unsuccessful, meeting today to sort the entire issue out, and eagle-eyed commentor Lukeh spotted a news piece on the item in question.

F1 Budgie Cap

The article talks of the FIA's proposed 40 budgie cap for next year's championship and discusses how the ten teams aren't in favour of such a low threshold.

Bernie Ecclestone, F1 boss, told both reporters and every team his stance: "These budgies are ruining the economic state of the sport and we must make a change."

The FIA appear to be ruffling feathers and rattling cages throughout the F1 jungle. Sidepodcast managed to capture Lukeh nibbling on some millet so we asked him for a bird's eye view of the situation:

I'm a little upset to be honest, to stop these teams from going to their full potential because the FIA wants these budgies restricted is very unfair and I can't sing enough praises for what we have right now. The teams have seems so chirpy before this saga, and now with this budgie cap, they're just being stopped from spreading their wings of creativity.

I think it's safe to say we are all hoping for a swift end to the situation, that the teams won't take flight, and that a suitable solution will reflect the wishes of all parties. The teams clearly feel victory can be clawed back even if the FIA have to be hauled before the beak.