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F1 nostalgia for the 21st century - Your favourite motorsport moments in 140 characters

Published by Christine

Having just finished a marathon recording of the latest Sidepodpanel show, guest host Lou's final question has stuck in our minds. It's such a simple idea and yet holds a lot of potential. The question, for those who missed it (where were you?):

Twitter is now becoming popular in the F1 world. Therefore, describe your favourite famous F1 event in 140 characters or less.

During the panel show, I actually posted the impromptu suggestions to my own Twitter account, so anyone watching must have wondered what was going on.

Podcast Panel tweeting

Now that we are not under pressure during the live stream, perhaps we can craft some really smart entries.

The idea is to get your tweet to 140 characters exactly, or as close as humanly possible. If you're brave enough to actually post it to your Twitter (or account - other microblogs are available), then that's even better. Perhaps you don't have a microblog account, and that's okay too. You can still enter using some kind of word count feature on whatever software you have available. However, I can heartily recommend setting up a Twitter account - it's free, and you can follow me!

Spend some time coming up with your ideas, and post them in the comments, or link to the tweet in question. We'll hold an informal poll soon to pick the best one.

Update: Alex came up with a hashtag for us to use to identify the posts on Twitter - #f1nostalgia. See the latest ones here, and don't forget to include it in your own submissions. (It does take away from the 140 character count, of course.)