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F1 New Years resolutions - Making promises for the Formula One year ahead

Published by Christine

It's the time of year when people begin to promise themselves mostly unreachable targets, because New Year is all about having a fresh start. Generally speaking I tend to shy away from resolutions for that very reason, but Mr C is with the spirit and therefore would like to share a few of his own, somewhat attainable targets for next year.

  1. Give the new regulations a chance. Then, when they don't work, criticise them twice as much.
  2. Take stuff out of Beta. We are not Google.
  3. Stop moaning about the website hosting problems we regularly experience and actually do something about it.
  4. Give Heikki a second chance as a McLaren driver.
  5. Try much, much harder in the Fantasy Racers league.

This week, I have already been coerced into making predictions, even though I detest doing so. With that in mind, I shall agree to making some of my very own resolutions.

  1. Watch every single Free Practice session. I only missed a couple this year, but that's two too many.
  2. Find merit in a driver's abilities and performance instead of simply how good they look.
  3. Keep up to date with podcast transcripts.
  4. Bring back Sidepodcast Diaries.
  5. Make predictions... when asked.

That should keep us busy over the next 12 months, and rest assured we will look back and see how we did next December. Now we'd like to hear from you.

Are there any resolutions you think we should have made but aren't listed above? Do you have your own list of promises you'll try and keep next year? And what do you think those guys in the F1 paddock will be resolving to do better in 2009?