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F1 mood videos on Skype - Use Sidepodcast to demonstrate your mood to your friends

Published by Mr. C

In what can best be described as an interesting development, the latest version of Skype allows users to select a video to describe their current mood to all of their friends.

It strikes me that, when it comes to promoting your current state of mind, there's not much wrong with a straightforward smiley face. But what do I know? No doubt all the cool kids have got one and I'm the last to know about it... or in fact understand it.

Anyhow, should you be inclined to promote your innermost feelings through the medium of the moving picture, please do consider using a Formula 1 video from our delightful collection:

Sidepodcast mood videos on Skype

I should point out that right now, this feature only appears on the Windows client. Therefore I may not be the best person to advise how to use it.

From what I can tell, you can select videos from either Dailymotion or Metacafe and assign them to your profile. We happen to be on both networks, but recommend selecting the Dailymotion tab and searching for the keyword 'Sidepodcast'. After that it's a simple case of choosing whether you're in a Monaco mood or a Hungarian mood.

If you'd like to see this feature in action, feel free to Skype us on 0121 28 TRACK, or search for contact - Sidepodcast.