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F1 fuel appeal date set - The FIA are set to get back together for yet more hearings

Published by Mr. C

According to IHT blogger Brad Spurgeon, the International Court of Appeal will meet in Paris on Thursday 15th November, to discuss the stewards descision not to exclude the cars of BMW and Williams from the Brazilian Grand Prix.

No one else appears to have confirmed this as yet, more to follow...

Pitpass also have the news, but close their article with this interesting observation:

Sadly, once again, the FIA - which continuously claims impartiality and lack of bias - has chosen to favour certain (favourable, non critical) media outlets rather than officially announcing the appeal date on its own website.

I assume that Pitpass are alluding to the situation Brad discussed in his original post:

Max Mosley spoke to a small group of the French press today after the FIA’s general assembly.

That is an odd way to make an announcement, but especially when it's about an event as important as this one. Not a smart move Max, especially given that the FIA already get to control which journalists get paddock access.

Remind me, was it "Four legs good, two legs better"? I forget.