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F1 drivers on Facebook - The Formula One presence on the social network

Published by Mr. C

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Back in March of this year we took a look at F1 team efforts to reach out to fans through Facebook.

Ferrari and McLaren lead the way in terms of fan numbers, but with Rubens Barrichello recently flying past one million followers on Twitter, it might be time to see who's leading the driver race over on Facebook.

Surprisingly Mr. Barrichello appears to be a notable absentee from this social network. In fact, whilst every F1 team is represented on Facebook, little more than a handful of drivers currently have their own official page. Here's the full list of F1 drivers and their respective pages, along with the number of current fan 'likes'.

Official Facebook Pages

Note: To confuse matters slightly, two drivers prefer Facebook groups to pages. Sébastien Buemi and Pastor Maldonado both have numerous fans in their respective groups, but as Facebook appears to be favouring pages over groups these days, we haven't included either in the table.

Lewis Hamilton has something of an unassailable lead in this area, more than twice as many as his own team's 381,000 fans. Of the drivers that are represented, the most active appear to synchronise status updates between Twitter and Facebook. Notably the one man without a Twitter account, Adrian Sutil, has the least amount of Facebook fans too.

There is, of course, more to F1 on Facebook than drivers and teams. Be sure to take a look and like the Sidepodcast page - only one hundred more fans, and we'll be right up there alongside Adrian Sutil.

Update 15/08/2011: Sebastian Vettel's page was not included in the original table as we couldn't confirm its legitimacy at the time. It has now been confirmed to be his official Facebook page, which puts him second in the table behind Lewis Hamilton.