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F1 does Sport Relief - Jenson Button takes part in the charity event, in Brawn gear

Published by Christine

Last night was the Sport Relief telethon, in which recognisable names, both in sport and other fields, got together to do their bit for charity. The main challenges went to Eddie Izzard, who ran a million marathons, to the group who cycled for ages, and to Christine Bleakely who water-skiied across the channel. For us, though, the highlights came from spotting our F1 heroes taking part in all things sporting.

There are loads of videos available on the Sport Relief YouTube channel, but we've picked out a couple of our F1-related favourites.

Firstly, spot the famous faces taking part in the A Question of Sport Mystery Guest round.

Did you see that hair? I mean, really, how far does one have to go for charity? Secondly, Jenson Button reveals his true mentor.

That bloke gets everywhere. There's also the brief trailer for Sport Relief, showing Jenson on a space hopper. I want one!

It's slightly embarrassing that JB has moved on from then, and it's clear these were all filmed last year in the Brawn glory days. Nevertheless, a great effort from all involved. We also spotted Tamara Ecclestone sitting in the audience next to Eddie Jordan. I hope she took some earplugs. If you spot anything else, please let us know!