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F1 Digest - Prelude to the Singapore Grand Prix - The excitement and glamour of night racing at the Marina

Published by Christine

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Formula One returns to Asia, with everything that a night race brings with it. Drivers are faced with living at a different timezone to the location they are in, and focusing their concentration to race when they might otherwise be contemplating bed. The Marina Bay track offers up a twisting lap that makes for a long, long race, and we could be on for a two hour marathon on Sunday.

The weather could play its part, and even if not, we're used to seeing a Safety Car make an appearance on Sunday in Singapore. History has not been kind to the track, with controversies that overshadow early races, but it's our championship leader who has taken the top spot at the last two events.

The championship battle is a tough ask for those following on behind, but there's still plenty to play for as we head into the thirteenth race of the year. Thirteen can be unlucky for some, but there will be those who benefit. Whoever gets the most out of their tyres, works the strategy to their advantage and dominates around the streets of Singapore will be victorious, and we'll be there to watch every step of the way!

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