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F1 Digest - Prelude to the German Grand Prix - A whip round the shorter version of the Nürburgring

Published by Christine

F1 Digest - Prelude to the German Grand Prix audio waveform

Back to back racing means we're back with another Digest preview before you have time to say Nordschleife. Tyre troubles may be dominating the headlines but here there is only a brief mention of the compounds before we discuss everything else related to the upcoming race weekend.

From the characteristics of the circuit with a technical point of view, to the drivers who will be heading there for the first time, we've got it all covered. There's time for a brief weather report, a look at how the title battle is shaping up, plus who may be successful in the German Grand Prix.

Plus, of course, some facts and figures that could affect the strategy come race day, plus a driver trying to stay positive despite recent problems. All that and more in this F1 Digest preview special.

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