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F1 Digest - Japan GP - The first corner mixes things up for the rest of the entire race

Published by Christine

F1 Digest - Japan GP audio waveform

With just three races to go, the championship battle looked like it was going to be won or lost here. Thankfully, all it's done is got just that little bit closer. Listen to today's F1 Digest for a rundown of all the race action.

The Race

Considering we were expecting a dry race at Fuji to be on the duller side of things, the racing action was amazing. The first corner had an impact throughout the rest of the race, as drivers spent ages trying to restore the chaos of that initial turn.


A few penalties here and there, and a few surprises to be aware of, we take a look through the driver quotes post-race and find out how people are feeling going into the penultimate race of the season.