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F1 Digest - China GP - Slight disappointment in Shanghai as the leader runs away with the race

Published by Christine

F1 Digest - China GP audio waveform

It couldn't be billed as the most exciting race of the season, but it had it's moments, and F1 Digest is here to fill you in on the Chinese Grand Prix.

The Race

Perhaps we built it up to much, but the penultimate round of the 2008 championship really didn't live up to expectations. It wasn't the worst race of the season, but it certainly wasn't thrill-a-minute either. The Ferrari boys struggled, the BMWs tried to make their way through the field, and all the while Hamilton just pulled away at the front.


Trulli and Bourdais start a war with each other, whilst Räikkönen says he knew what to do. The other teams all seemed to struggle with most drivers having tyre issues, trying to fix it with clever strategies, and failing miserably.