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F1 Digest - Bahrain GP - The third race of the year ends in a mixture of joy and disappointment

Published by Christine

F1 Digest - Bahrain GP audio waveform

A relatively tame race compared to the hectic start to the season, but still filled with incidents and observations. F1 Digest will guide you through all the happenings of Sunday in Bahrain.

The Race

Hamilton and Kubica suffer off the start line, whilst the Ferrari romp away with the lead. Button and Coulthard, and old-rivals Hamilton and Alonso have collisions that need a second look.


Finally Massa gets some points on the board, and will be feeling less pressure from here on in. Hamilton is disappointed, whilst Kubica remains steadfastly happy despite losing his pole position. Meanwhile, Button blames Coulthard and Coulthard blames no one.