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F1 Digest 2009 - Turkey Qualifying - Some early big name fallers spice up qualifying and the potential of the race

Published by Christine

F1 Digest 2009 - Turkey Qualifying audio waveform

The dusty track conditions in Turkey cause a few hiccups during Free Practice and Qualifying, but overall it is Red Bull who get the job done when it matters.

Free Practice 3

The third practice session of the weekend offered up very little in the way of surprises, although it did look as though a lot of previously struggling teams were returning to form.


As it turns out, that isn't the case because the big battle was between Brawn GP and Red Bull once again. We lost a couple of big names in the first two sessions, though, meaning we could see some fightbacks through the field tomorrow.

Team By Team

Brawn GP still feel very confident from their second position, whilst Ferrari are also mostly pleased with their performance today. BMW have much improved from their time in Monaco, whilst Red Bull are naturally feeling quietly confident.