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F1 Digest 2009 - Europe Free Practice - The dusty streets of Valencia get things off to a slow start

Published by Christine

F1 Digest 2009 - Europe Free Practice audio waveform

Alonso dominates the day in all kinds of ways, from leading the pack in the afternoon, to hitting a BMW side on. Possibly the most excitement we'll see all weekend? Stay tuned to find out!

Free Practice 1

It was a slow start to the morning, even more than normal, as most of the teams wanted to keep off the dusty track. Things gradually got going as the time ticked down, but there was nothing out of the ordinary to report.

Free Practice 2

Much more action for the second session, as the times were toppling on the much warmer track. Badoer seemed to struggle, whilst Alonso made the afternoon all about him.

Team by Team

Hamilton is slightly annoyed by his accident, Heidfeld is much more annoyed about Alonso's, whilst the Spaniard isn't too bothered. The Toyotas feel like they're doing well, Badoer is confident he can improve.