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F1 Digest 2009 - Bahrain GP - Brawn GP dominate proceedings and revel in their strong start

Published by Christine

F1 Digest 2009 - Bahrain GP audio waveform

The last of the early flyaway races, Bahrain needed to be a good, clean race, and it was. It may not have been as spectacular as those we have already seen, but there was plenty of strategy and racing to be seen.

The Race

It turned a little bit processional towards the end, but the early laps more than made up for it, with some interesting KERS work by certain teams. We only saw one retiree as well, which is unusual for the heat and dust of the desert.

Team by Team

Brawn GP are happy to have won without the aid of a safety car, whilst Vettel takes comfort in a second place he wasn't really expecting. Toyota, though, find their fall from grace disastrous, whilst BMW cannot find anything good to say about their race.