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F1 Digest 2009 - Australia GP - A new team makes a fantastic start to a great new season

Published by Christine

F1 Digest 2009 - Australia GP audio waveform

Brawn GP made it look easy, but it was an action-packed race that had a little bit of everything. F1 Digest is here to take you through all the goings on and evaluate what we've seen.

The Race

It couldn't have been a better start to the season, with every single element under scrutiny - the Safety Car rules, the new tyre compounds, the front and rear wings, and KERS. Ultimately, the result wasn't the biggest surprise but it certainly was deserved.

Team by Team

Most of the teams seem to think they can improve on today's performance, which makes sense as there was only one team dominating fully during the race. Those that had incidents, or retired from the race believe they can learn from their mistakes as well.