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F1 Debrief - You're a lady, and I'm a man - A roundup of the Japanese GP, with Vettel's pole position and Webber's win

Published by Christine

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Coming up this week we talk Webber's amazing race, the four remaining tests, and translations into French.


Presumably, as we have crowned the champion now, the season is over and we can all go home!

Good week/Bad week

It's been a good week for Jenson Button who has a mysterious contract extension with McLaren, and it's also a good week for fans in Japan, as there was some good merchandise doing the rounds at Suzuka.

It's a bad week for anyone who might be concerned about the future of Radio 5Live's F1 coverage, though, and also a bad week on those worried about a twenty race calendar. Not only will it be 20 races in 2012, but Turkey could make a comeback!


Qualifying was about three distinct but linked items. 1) The number of drivers who didn't manage to set a time in the sessions. 2) The drivers who missed out crossing the line for a final lap in the final session. And 3) Another pole position for Vettel, but only just.

The race

Sebastian Vettel was on pole position, and he was set to take the championship as well, but he wasn't going to have it all his own way. He was overtaken in the pit stops by both Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso. We discuss how the race unfolded, what we thought of the overtaking or lack of it around Suzuka, plus a brief mention of Hamilton and Massa part three.

Was the safety car good or bad for the overall race, how did it affect JB and was it necessary at all? That and more is up for discussion in the show.


A couple of bits of feedback this week, including an update on the conversation we had in the last show about archive footage in F1. We also ponder the mix of our podcasts and what kind of speakers our listeners have.


Buy the app and buy the book, book, book, but also note that Amazon have come out with all kinds of new Kindle type things, including a store in France.