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F1 Debrief - We're not quite ready to let you infiltrate the racing - Tinkering with qualifying and the butterfly effect of F1

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Sidepodcast returns for a new year of podcasting, starting with a discussion on the big news this week - the potential changes to qualifying. Whilst the exact details are still unknown, we delve into the topic with relish, pondering how on the face of it the changes seem minimal but as you dig deeper, you find many people who will be affected by these session structure tweaks.

We also talk about the closed cockpit solution and whether it is right for Formula One, as well as suggesting an idea for an alternative solution. We discuss the perils of learning about aerodynamics and wonder whether F1 does need to look to its past as some drivers would very much like.

All that and more in this first F1 Debrief of 2016. As always, we'd love to hear your thoughts so do send your feedback our way - we've got a new email address for that exact purpose!

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Ricciardo wonders if F1 Commission has priorities right
Ricciardo wonders if F1 Commission has priorities rightCredit: Mark Thompson/Getty Images

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