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F1 Debrief - We're not learning any lessons here - The future of team bosses at both ends of the championship

Published by Christine

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F1 Debrief returns after the summer break for a quick recap of, yes, you guessed it, the fun and games at Mercedes. After viewing the action during the Belgian Grand Prix, there's plenty to discuss including media transcripts and video responses, plus who is under fire at the top of the Mercedes management tree.

We also take a look at the other end of the scale, with Marussia's driver swapping antics and how they compare to Caterham. As always! With Alexander Rossi switching from one backmarker to the other, the American looked like he might be set for his F1 debut at Spa. That lasted for about a day, in which we got to revel at the statement released by Max Chilton and his people. Then normality resumed and Rossi was left on the outskirts once again. Poor chap!

Finally, there's just time to learn why Mr C is coming round to Bernie's way of thinking (on one subject, anyway), and what he still holds a grudge about. Enjoy!

All eyes on Toto Wolff at Mercedes
Credit: Daimler AG

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