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F1 Debrief - We'll have us some of that - This episode looks at new drivers, new designs and new rankings

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F1 Debrief - We'll have us some of that audio waveform

Coming up this week, we discuss bridges, aerodynamics, Twitter, videos, testing, surveys, domains, previews, jokes and rankings.


Back to back shows! We're getting the new year off to a good start.

Good week / Bad week

It's been a good week for Toro Rosso who now have a full line up for 2010, and for Button, who is getting a bridge named after him. It's been a bad week for Alan Donnelly, who isn't involved in F1 anymore, and for Lotus, as Trulli thinks they have less potential than Toyota. Oh dear.

News and views

We start with the new stuff for the upcoming season, including Sauber's new driver. We were sure it was going to be Heidfeld, but Pedro de la Rosa gets the nod. We briefly discuss Williams' plans for a brand new design, plus some great tweeting from them, and we cover the Barcelona test for Rossi and Massa.

The Castrol Driver Rankings are back for another week, with some interesting feedback after the last show. We read through some of the comments received, in the interest of balance, and then also take a look at the F1 Racing Fan Survey that will open soon.


Two great voicemails this week - Mark has an idea to improve racing just using some paint, whilst Cody has a request for a refresher course.

A few fabulous emails too - Rolando has some domains and ponders what he should do with them, Marc stuns us with some serious maths, and Michael Parker has a request for some jokes.

Marc's maths:

"According to Wiki, the largest 747 holds about 243,000 litres. An F1 car, during race, goes about 1.3 km per litre. Silverstone is 5.1 kms. It takes nearly 4 litres to lap Silverstone. The GP has 60 laps. So 240 litres per car, multiplied by 20 cars, equals about 4,800 litres, multiplied by practices, qualifiers, etc, let's say multiplied by 3, that's about 14,400 litres of fuel to race Silverstone. Let's round it 15,000 litres. There are about 20 races, so 300,000 litres to race an entire season. That's more than the largest 747 holds; about 243,000 litres."


There's plenty of launches and testing action coming soon, and we are keeping on top of it all with our brand new Google Calendar.