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F1 Debrief - We went to McLaren and I touched Lewis' car - The Australian Grand Prix gets a debrief, plus thoughts on regulation loopholes

Published by Christine

F1 Debrief - We went to McLaren and I touched Lewis' car audio waveform

Coming up today, we discuss shark attacks, ride height loopholes, way out wing mirrors, a slow Sauber driver and Mother’s Day celebrations.


Our first Sidepodshoutout of the year made Mr C's day and put him in an amazing mood. Throw in the fabulous racing and life is all good.

Good week / Bad week

It was a good week for Mark Webber who adds another feather to his cap, and for the GPDA who have all new faces in the lead roles. It was a bad week for Paul di Resta who had to stand up to a rather scary shark, and for BBC viewers who have something less than exciting to look forward to in Malaysia.

News and views

We're talking about all the loopholes and regulations today but I promise we're not going into too much boring detail. I even manage to explain something technical all by myself. We're talking F Ducts, ride heights and wing mirrors.

The race

Once again, we let your voicemails do the talking, but before that we do mention a few things that caught our eye regarding the Grand Prix weekend. The traffic was intense, and the tyres made all the difference. Mr C realised that track position was the most important thing ever, whilst I realise the stewards are starting to see sense.


Myles tells us about engines and Coulthard, Leisa has an unfortunate (or perhaps lucky?) Mother's Day story, Simon is still on his travels and just checking in, whilst Marcus was on another flight. PJ Heron gives us his thoughts on the Australia GP, and finally Rolando has a question about the organisation of the F1 calendar.