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F1 Debrief - We want them exploding in fury - In which we are replaced by a better podcaster

Published by Christine

F1 Debrief - We want them exploding in fury audio waveform

On this show we discuss robot drivers, genius suggestions, and get replaced by a better podcaster. Two of our favourite people have been talking about similar topics to do with F1, so we thought we'd get in on the act. Following on from a fabulous guest spot by Giggles, we discuss what F1 is missing at the moment and how we can get it back.

From the arrival of Mercedes and the departure of one Flavio Briatore, to the increasing zen-like state of Lewis Hamilton, we cover a wide array of topics in our search for personality. Naturally, when talking about something like F1, we go round and round in circles, but eventually find our way out to something of a conclusion.

With Verstappen as everybody's driver of the day, Gutiérrez getting a famous phone call, and that infamous F1 driver Charlie Whiting, there's plenty to listen out for in the latest edition of F1 Debrief.

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Drivers and Charlie Whiting take part in an F1 press conference

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