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F1 Debrief - Vettel or bust - Recapping the Brazilian Grand Prix, with thoughts on the Safety Car rules

Published by Christine

F1 Debrief - Vettel or bust audio waveform

Coming up this week, we discuss movies, safety cars and many engineers, plus conspiracy theories dating back to Vettel's Toro Rosso days.


The Brazilian GP is gloriously late in the day, meaning lie-ins all round, but it also means we have less time to do a show. However, a Monday recording means the benefit of hindsight.

Good week / Bad week

Good week for Williams, not because of Nico, but because Rubens took the whole team out karting. A bad week for Karun who wants to watch a film. Meanwhile, it's a good week for anyone who wants to see F1 on the moon, particularly in 3D, and a bad week for Eminem who had to perform his routine in what sounds like a paddling pool.

The race

Hülkenberg put on quite the show for us, during qualifying, and it raises questions about his future at Williams yet again. It was an incredible surprise to everyone, except for Eddie Jordan. We also feature two voicemails - from Lukeh and from Steven - discussing Red Bull's championship, the problematic Safety Car rules, Jenson Button and of course, team orders.


A message from Pat, lets us know what he's doing for the off-season, and that leads us on to ponder the 2011 calendar. And FoxyMcFox, who raised the question of passing the winter months in the first place, answers his own question.


Sidepodcast had their not-very-regular business meeting, which means good food, and plans until the season begins next year. We thank those very kind people who donated to us, following Mr C's admission that he absent-mindedly cost us a fortune. Finally, next week is your last chance to watch the Factbyte Factbox during an F1 GP, until 2011 anyways. I have lots of plans to FBFB other stuff though, and am willing to take suggestions! It's an obsession.