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F1 Debrief - Thick green and yellow - Discussing the future of USF1, some testing results plus backmarker battles

Published by Christine

F1 Debrief - Thick green and yellow audio waveform

Coming up this week, we discuss tyres, skipping races, Ferrari moaning, Doctor Who, green paint, plus a special Tremayne.


Everyone in the whole world is counting down to the season now, so it must almost be here.

Good week / Bad week

It's been a good week for Michelin as they're contemplating coming back into F1, although we can't figure out why. Also for Ferrari as Alonso really rates their car. It's been a bad week for race fans as the Abu Dhabi race is still safe, and for Alvaro Parente who is out of a reserve driver role.

News and views

We consider the future of US F1 and Campos. US F1 don't seem to be struggling something chronic, and I'm not happy about their desire to miss four races. If they miss four then I want to as well! Campos, though, have found a way forward at least, but it seems as though they won't be the Campos we know and, erm, love.

Testing was mixed weather, starting out rough much to Ferrari's disgust. It improved towards the end of the week though, so we evaluate who was fast, who was slow, who James Allen rates, and the Lotus/Virgin battle.


A quick hi to a Twitter user, plus an update on the McLaren hoody contest. We get a voicemail from Dan and an email from Tom regarding the green paint situation. Zach says we are mostly fun, whilst Lewis has a major Tremayne about Twitter and liveries. Adie has launched an online magazine, Peter wasn't keen on the CSI New York episode with added motorsport references, and Mike updates on his coverage in Canada. Finally in website feedback, Darryl is impressed, whilst Dr J wants a little tweak to the breakout threads.


No real housekeeping except to say there's no show next week, because of Joe's meetup on Friday, plus the real important testing over the weekend. When we return in two week's time, it's the last show before the season begins.


A transition into the feedback section sees Mr C get all tongue-tied, either inventing a new language or a new style of music, it's quite hard to distinguish which.

It happens all the time, we've created a new word! This time I get tongue-tied and that allows us to coin the new phrase: blolloped. Not 100% sure what it means yet, but it doesn't sound like it's a good thing.