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F1 Debrief - They turned up with a tin shed // A run through the Belgian GP, analysing the blame for the accidents

Published by Christine

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This week's podcast delves into the FIA's latest investigation at Singapore, runs through the topsy-turvy action of the Belgian Grand Prix, celebrates some anniversaries and catches up with some brilliant feedback.


Spa was so upside down that maybe we should do the show back to front too?

Good week / Bad week

Good week for Brawn fans and for FOM getting their own way, but a bad week for rollercoasters and for Force India's motorhome.

News and views

We discuss the reasons behind the FIA's decision to investigate the goings on at Singapore last year, and what they can do if they find anything untoward.

The race

Fisichella certainly did the best he could, we ponder whether Kimi was actually a bit sneaky, discuss who's to blame for the accidents, and call for wheel spinners to be banned (again).

Fantasy Racers

Mr C actually had drivers this time round, which helped, but he has still fallen behind my second team - one that has Bourdais in it.


Two voicemails - one on topic and one off - plus some excellent emails regarding keeping up with Sidepodcast in various countries, plus anniversaries of all kinds.