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F1 Debrief - They came from far and wide - Topics this week include the Chinese GP and the changes at McLaren

Published by Christine

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This week we discuss the Chinese Grand Prix, and update the Fantasy Racers competition, plus talk about our trip to London and the Science Museum to meet the lovely Sidepodcommunity.


Someone picked up a cold at the Science Museum, and it wasn't me!

Good week / Bad week

A good week for legal rear diffusers, and for Hamilton and Vettel being nominated for awards. A bad week for Ferrari who have to sort out their personnel, and for the Race of Champions who need to sort out their decision making.

News and views

Why has Ron decided to go? We ponder the three possible reasons for his decision. We also discuss what is up with Flavio Briatore and his sudden hate for all things Brawn.

The race

A Safety Car start meant the good action was delayed slightly, but once it started it was all go. We discuss some great pit stop work from Toyota, the difference between Heikki and Hamilton this race, plus whether Sutil should be embarrassed or not.

Fantasy Racers

I have regained some of my dignity and now place 12th in the league, whilst the other half sits down in 195th.


An email from Keith the Marshal leads us into a voicemail from Lukeh, expertly imitating the BBC's Legard. Then we also hear from Sebastien who is disappointed with the Beeb's pitlane reporting.