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F1 Debrief - There's a definite change in policy here - The FIA's breaking news and putting your sport before the planet

Published by Christine

Sidepodcast's 2015 break takes a break of its own as we hustle a quick podcast out the door regarding the FIA's recent statement of a potential refuelling return.

As big fans of refuelling before it departed, we now discuss our mixed reactions to the possibility of a return and ponder just what the governing body are thinking with their latest batch of changes to the sport.

From comparisons to their eco-friendly motorsport rivals, to outsourcing the difficult decisions to someone who can actually come to an agreement, we chat about what the future holds for Formula One as it continues to evolve and, well, rewind.

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F1 refuelling to return in 2017?
F1 refuelling to return in 2017?Credit: Sidepodcast

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