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F1 Debrief - The NeverEnding Story - The Korean Grand Prix is up for discussion along with Rookie of the Year

Published by Christine

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Coming up on this show, we discuss points and penalties, how 2011 is shaping up and F1 drivers as biscuits.


There's laughter, and then there is hysterical laughter, but who can blame us?

Good week / Bad week

It's been a good week for Rosberg who may be getting the old gang back together, but it's been a bad week for the teams in Korea, who were faced with intermittent power supplies. The chefs weren't able to serve food, this is a tragedy! It's been a good week for the future of Kangaroo TV, but a bad week for Heikki's girlfriend and for health in general.

News and views

Most of the news this week has circulated around Williams, and the fact that Hülkenberg may not have a seat next year, unless he can find some serious money. Which he doesn't want to do.

We also discuss how inconvenient it is that everyone is on Twitter, despite the fact we pushed for it.

Also, vote for the Rookie of the Year!

The race

It's amazing the race happened at all, and when it did get started, it wasn't the track that was the problem but the weather. Poor Webber made a complete hash of the whole thing, whilst Hamilton was all kinds of awesome. Schumacher has officially been beaten, but the rest of the championship is still wide open.


We have two voicemails this week, and a whole host of love about our return. We don't deserve any of it, you know.


The wiki is completely broken, but even so, there's good stuff happening over there, including a series of posts about you guys getting on track. We turn F1 people into biscuits, as you do, and there's a project to hijack a Discovery Channel advert.


Spoiler alert - only listen to this deliciously embarrassing outtake after you have heard the show.