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F1 Debrief - The man just doesn't understand the speed limit - A review of the European Grand Prix, plus more silly season rumours

Published by Christine

F1 Debrief - The man just doesn't understand the speed limit audio waveform

This week we talk about potential changes throughout the sport - engines, drivers, circuits. We run through the goings on at Valencia, which doesn't take long, catch up with Fantasy Racers and play some music.


I know I should be concentrating on F1, but if Ross Brawn can check the cricket scores right after the race, why can't I?

Good week / Bad week

It's been a good week for KERS, as it could be facing a resurgence, and also a good week for tin. Listen on for more. It's been a bad week for Trulli and for anyone who doesn't like change.

News and views

We run through circuit news, engine news, and silly season news. Now that the sport has a future, it's worth discussing who's going to be moving where, and we run through Alonso, Kubica and Räikkönen rumours.

The race

It wasn't exactly a stellar race, but Barrichello found his way to the top step of the podium, whilst McLaren talked their away around whatever pit stop problems they had. Oh, and Badoer was there as well.

Fantasy Racers

Kathi is still running away with the lead, and Mr C could only score a minimum number of points after sacking all the drivers in his team!


We catch up with a couple of voicemails from RG and Jordan, and read through some emails about blogging, national anthems and mistaken headlines.


Don't forget that you can leave some voicemails for Sidepodradio, we play a couple as an example. Mr C also plays some music, and we encourage you to create some (better) tracks as well.