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F1 Debrief - The little boy who threw his toys out the pram - Another long show packs in the news from the Monaco race weekend

Published by Christine

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Coming up on this show, history repeating itself at Rascasse, the safety of the tunnel, and winning bets.


There's no time to dilly-dally, we can't let this show be as long as the last one. (Oops.)

Good week/Bad week

A good week for Paddy Power punters who are getting payouts even though their bet has not yet come to fruition. I disagree with this on many levels and accidentally have a rant about it. It's also a good week for fans who get an unexpected peek into the Monaco paddock.

It's a bad week for one of the Williams team who lived out an actual nightmare, and for David Coulthard who was upstaged by Nick Heidfeld.


Big crashes for Nico Rosberg in practice and Sergio Pérez in qualifying show just how dangerous that tunnel exit can be, but why has nothing been done yet?

HRT couldn't make qualifying, Mercedes could, but in the end the red flag ruined the tension, and not for the last time over the weekend.

The race

Red Bull seem to get all the luck at the moment, when even two botched pit stops couldn't cease their winning streak. We discuss in some depth the way the race played out before us - particularly looking at the incident that caused the red flag, and the subsequent incident that made Lewis Hamilton blow his top.

We hear voicemails from Lukeh, Chris, Steven and RG, all of whom seem mostly impressed with what they saw.

Plus, we rate the race - with a listener idea for changing the scale - and select our drivers of the day.


Fun and fabulous feedback this week:

  • Alex leaves his 35 second voicemail and solicits more to do the same
  • Mark has followed F1 through dark times but is loving this year
  • Dap struggles to find the contact form
  • And Paul ponders a few points including how friendly the drivers are this year... Lewis notwithstanding.