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F1 Debrief - The hotel did a great job today - A brief look at the not-so-good Abu Dhabi GP, plus the Fantasy Racers final

Published by Christine

F1 Debrief - The hotel did a great job today audio waveform

This week we discuss the little action from Abu Dhabi, some circuit and team news, plus catch up with some great feedback.


Mr C gets called a legend. Hmm.

Good week / Bad week

Good week for Senna and Campos as they join forces, and for marriage proposals, plus a bad week for Heidfeld and window cleaners.

News and views

Donington Park has quite a lot of bad news this week, plus Williams seemingly cosy up even further to the FIA.

The race

We skirt around the issue quite a lot in this week's debrief, trying to avoid talking about the race. However, we do talk about it briefly, and look forward to the off-season.

Fantasy Racers

Naturally, Kathi won the championship, and we review some really good end of season team owner press releases.


A couple of voicemails, some emails plus yet another new blog for Mr C to read.


Our Top Gear competition comes to an end this week, and we finally got around to releasing the new homepage.