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F1 Debrief - The FIA people are coming - Thoughts on the Bahrain GP, plus the ongoing issues at Donington Park

Published by Christine

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We catch up with two weeks of news and races, which means discussing Bahrain, McLaren's hearing, the 2010 regulations, plus Fantasy Racers, and of course, Felipe Baby.


Mr C was ill but is gradually feeling better, and now it's my turn to get the sniffles.

Good week / Bad week

A good week for Jenson's PA as we discover where she's been the past few weeks, plus Heidfeld starts to match Schumi's statistics. A bad week for an embarrassed mechanic and for Canadian road users.

News and views

We discuss Donington Park's problems, and the list is becoming extensive. We also take a look at the FIA's McLaren decision and what it shows about the team, and means for the future of the sport. On the subject of the future, we also rattle through the 2010 regulations, and find little to get excited about.

The race

Toyota really should have capitalised on their opportunity this weekend, and most likely won't be able to do so again. Sutil's team come to his defence which is just wrong on every level, and we discuss whether the Alonso story was blown out of all proportion (answer: yes).

Fantasy Racers

It's been a yo-yo season for me so far as I currently sit 21st, whilst the other half is falling, falling, falling down to 219th.


There was a song, about Felipe, it was bigger than we anticipated.