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F1 Debrief - That is an optimistic agenda - Rule changes and sporting tweaks for Formula One's future

Published by Christine

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Our final show of 2014 bids farewell to the year and looks ahead to the future of Formula One. On this show, we discuss the ultimate F1 gathering, a questionable Lotus entry and the race that surprised everyone. We pore over the 2015 calendar, and take a quick look at the entry list - figuring out what it might mean for everyone included.

We ponder the penalty changes, those that are more lenient than before, and those that have become more harsh, and also take a look at the revised (again) safety car regulations. We also have a quick discussion about the cost row, the radio ban, and sticking to the track limits, with conclusions hard to come by.

Finally, there's just time to say thank you to the lovely Sidepodcast audience who let us get away with so much, and stick by us throughout. It's been a weird year, but 2015 is a new start and it begins with your feedback! Let us know what you think about any of the topics under discussion, in the usual ways.

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A few less outings for this thing in 2015?
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