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F1 Debrief - Stop asking me questions! - The final Debrief show recaps the Brazilian GP and the season as a whole

Published by Christine

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Coming up this week, we discuss the exits from FOTA, trouble with gearboxes galore plus some seasons review.


We make a rather dramatic final entrance.

Good week/Bad week

It was a good week for the Austin Grand Prix, as they got a deadline extension from Bernie. It's not much, but it is something to cling on to, at least. It was also a good week for the Run That Track initiative which raised buckets of money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Meanwhile, it was a bad week for Force India who discovered some mud where there was not meant to be any. It was also a bad week for everyone except Sébastien Ogier. Not meaning to be vague or anything.

News and views

The season is barely over and the news has been pouring out - three drivers have had their race seats confirmed, including the much anticipated appointment of returning champion Kimi Räikkönen. What will F1 be like with him back in it and is he ready for what he's let himself in for?

We also discuss the quick exits from FOTA by Ferrari and Red Bull - is this the end for the group or are they just playing a bigger game?

The race

We talk terrible starts, collisions and gearbox trouble galore. We also mention Glock's proper strop, Sauber doing their best to cling on, and a few well placed donuts from Massa. Maybe. There's also time to ponder the future of Virgin and HRT, and what they actually bring to the sport.

We listen to two season reviews, hear our final rookie reports of the year and rate the race... and ponder rating the season!


A note from Matthew raises an age old complaint of ours, whilst a missive from Mark asks which was the best race of the year. A tricky question, as our fumbling for an answer displays. We also hear from two different Petes, both of whom are looking to the future of Sidepodcast... whatever that might be.


We briefly cover the fact that we're taking December off, except for all that stuff we're doing in December. Also we talk up a couple of songs we were given, say a few thank yous, and wave goodbye!

Season Reviews

Alex of Giggles fame calls in with his thoughts on the full season, from the moment 2011 introduced us to DRS and Pirelli tyres, through to the final moments of a great, if long, year.

Meanwhile, Dap also has his full season review with thoughts on drivers and teammates that can dominate the sport so convincingly.