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F1 Debrief - Nerd! - A surprisingly good Hungarian GP is dissected in this week's episode

Published by Christine

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Coming up this week, we talk Premier League football, blue sky thinking, and stickering the world.


A fantastic bit of poetry gets us off to a cultural start.

Good week/Bad week

It has been a good week and a bit for both McLaren drivers and both Sauber drivers. Button and Hamilton won (and cheated a little bit) at a pit stop challenge they participated in with the BBC, whilst the Sauber boys have had their contracts renewed for next season.

Meanwhile, it's been a bad week for F1 in US, as first the Circuit of the Americas found out bad news from Bernie via the internets, and then Red Bull turned up for a demonstration only to find their paperwork was not in order.

News and views

We discuss the BBC and Sky deal in not very much detail at all, as it seems as though nothing is going to change on that front. However, we ponder what it will mean for Sidepodcast, as the cost of watching and podcasting about F1 just keeps on creeping upwards.

We also talk about F1 and football, as both Lotus teams turn their attention to the beautiful game with sponsorship and ownership deals in place for Premier League sides.


We turn our attention to the Hungarian GP weekend which was ages ago, but we have yet to talk about. Qualifying was the usual mixture of Vettel on pole and Webber struggling with KERS issues, but we also ponder some more innovative thinking from Paul Hembery, and note Buemi's five place grid drop that left him fuming.

The race

The Hungarian Grand Prix was a surprisingly good one, with weather conditions just right to cause some chaos. We discuss Nick Heidfeld's fiery retirement, and whether Renault should have thought before placing the blame in any direction. We also discuss handbrake turns, when it is appropriate to put your fireproof overalls on, and whether driving with a damaged car makes you faster.

With excellent voicemails guiding us through the action, we also select our driver of the day (that was quite a while ago), rate the race out of ten, and report on the rookie driver performances.


A few bits of fabulous feedback include discussions on the best way to support Sidepodcast, and whether we have too much power for our own good. We also cross our fingers for Ted News on Sky, and take in nine exclamation marks.


Books, bears, stickers, flame wars, disagreements and the future of commenting are all up for discussion in the housekeeping section. The future is bright, but there is change ahead.

Debrief extra

The full voicemails from Davin, Jordan, Lukeh and Dom cover all things Hungary. First up, Davin talks about Jenson's win and his thoughts on the rest of the field.

Jordan discusses his hopes for Ferrari for the rest of the season, and what he believes needs to happen over the course of 2011 for the championship to get a bit closer.

Lukeh celebrates what is turning out to be a brilliant 2011 season, particularly after the Hungarian Grand Prix was up there with Canada! There almost aren't any words to describe the weekend we just saw.

And finally, Dom talks about Button's win, and the bittersweet emotions that come with every race this year, with the impending Sky switchover.