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F1 Debrief - Minus the baubles - Previewing the Abu Dhabi race, plus championship celebrations at Brawn

Published by Christine

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On this week's non-race F1 Debrief, we take a look at the FIA elections, the possibility of an even greener F1 in the future, and preview the next Grand Prix at Abu Dhabi.


It's been so long since we've done a non-race Debrief, we might have forgotten how to do it!

Good week / Bad week

It's been a good week for Abu Dhabi as they've sold out, but a bad week for Donington who seem to be running out of time... maybe.

News and views

We take a look at how the various members of Brawn GP celebrated their championship success, plus a quick glimpse at the future of the FIA now that Jean Todt is in charge. We also preview the upcoming Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.


A couple of voicemails and emails, looking back at the Japanese Grand Prix controversy, some issues with downloading shows, and a new blogger joins the ranks.


Two exciting bits of housekeeping including our first ever Sidepodcompetition, and the fact that Sidepodcast version 3.0 is beginning to take shape.