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F1 Debrief - Maybe they were all distracted by the lawn - Thoughts on the British Grand Prix and another Red Bull team orders debacle

Published by Christine

F1 Debrief - Maybe they were all distracted by the lawn audio waveform

Coming up this week, we talk shiny wing things, camping with Yamamoto and why Red Bull like to be in control.


It's definitely about time we hired Damon Hill for our own purposes.

Good week/Bad week

It's been a good week for Virgin fans who attended the Stowe camping extravaganza, and Mr C shares a bit of insight as he gatecrashed the party. It's also a good week for cricket, because F1 is invading the sport. Sort of.

It's a bad week for art (although it's all a matter of taste really) with Force India's Art Car, and a bad week for decision making over the diffuser nonsense. That's all we have to say about that.

News and views

Team news and tie ups all round, as HRT have been bought out, Virgin are partnering up with McLaren and the good ol' dream team of Williams-Renault is back together. What does this mean for the 2012 grid? It looks quite promising already!


Sebastian Vettel was not on pole position, although it was more to do with the weather than anything else. Mr C takes the opportunity to rant about the wet weather again, but as this is the definitive word on it, I don't suppose there is much more to say. We also note the surprises in Q3, including Kobayashi and Maldonado - who is starting to outshine Barrichello and that really is a turn up for the books.

The race

The lead was lost at the beginning, but it changed hands again after a dodgy pit stop. In fact, the pit lane was the scene of many an incident this weekend, with unsafe releases, wheel nuts flying all over the place and Kobayashi putting Force India's gear to rights.

We check out some voicemails that guide us through the important moments, including the topic of the week - Red Bull and their team orders. We also ponder the new Silverstone layout, take a closer look at Hamilton's fuel-saving strategy and of course, rate the race.


Two bits of feedback, one wondering whether enabling DRS should be brought forward before a driver has a chance to pull out a lead at the front, and another offering up a conspiracy theory that we don't necessarily agree with. I do enjoy a good conspiracy theory though.


The F1Minute app is now available as a universal app, which means it works on the iPad as well. It looks pretty snazzy too.

Debrief extras

Lorenzo from Melbourne has a few thoughts about the race as a whole, but more importantly a beautifully eloquent rant about the Red Bull team orders situation, particularly against Christian Horner and the hypocrisy fo the situation.

Kai talks us through her thoughts on Mark Webber and the team orders situation, but also how brilliant it was to be watching Formula One in the UK with the BBC coverage making the experience (or not, if you think about EJ).

Lukeh's full post-race voicemail takes some pride in the new and improved Silverstone, and compares Mark Webber and the Red Bull situation to previous events that Rubens Barrichello has been involved with.

Steven takes a closer look at Sebastian Vettel's struggles to overtake, why the pit stops ruin everything, and ponder whether the situation is all in the German driver's head.

RG analyses Sauber's weekend from a great qualifying performance to a strong Sergio Pérez finish, with some Kamui Kobayashi disappointments in between.

Finally, Noelinho has some excellent thoughts in this extended voicemail, covering Red Bull, the post-race regulations, Button's great overtaking, and Silverstone's new developments.