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Published by Christine

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Coming up this week, we talk tyre testing, memorable moments, and a Virgin conspiracy.


Why is our off-season busier than mid-season?

News and views

We start with a quick recap of testing, and by quick, I really mean dismissive. The Young Driver test was mostly pay drivers, so it didn't amount to much. The Pirelli test was slightly more interesting, but despite my enthusiasm, by the end we weren't that bothered.

We run through the driver changes, particularly at Williams where Rubens has been confirmed, and Nico has been ousted. We also discuss Daniel Ricciardo's position as Toro Rosso test driver and what it means for both Red Bull and their sister team.

Finally, we ponder the concept of LG's Moment of the Year, and point out that Mr C was wrong when he discussed 5live's commentary plans.


Lots and lots of feedback this week:

  • Conor points out Legard has his very own Ted News jingle.
  • Mark B asks where to find the Factbyte Factbox archive.
  • Bill Georgas talks Porsches, blue flags and safety car regulations.
  • Riley wants to walk a mile in Joe's shoes.
  • Jason S has a Virgin Racing conspiracy theory.
  • Jason M wants to show Stefan GP a little love.


We are loving the self-publishers, particularly Amanda's Spanish column this week. More columns are encouraged. We're also really impressed with Adam's season review and his new series on circuits.

Also, don't forget to send us your season review voicemails.

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