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F1 Debrief - Long live F1! - Breaking out the bunting for the changing of the F1 guards

Published by Christine

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It's the first Debrief of 2017, and what better topic to be discussing than the change of leadership for the commercial side of Formula One. Bernie Ecclestone is stepping aside at long last and letting someone else take control of the sport we know and mostly love.

On this show, we are joined by the marvellous Adam Barton to discuss all things Liberty, including the Snapchat generation, what the new bosses first job should be, and whether we'll see a Ferrari reunion in the paddock.

We also talk about the opportunities for new circuit deals, whether Bernie leaves behind him a positive or negative legacy, and how much you can change, how quickly? Finally, we touch on F1's problem of selling itself, and what age you need to be to lead from the top. Don't forget to let us know your thoughts about Bernie's exit, using the link below.

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