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F1 Debrief - Lola, she was a showgirl with yellow feathers in her hair - A bonus show for talk of budget caps, McLaren's PR and competitions ahoy

Published by Christine

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In this week's unexpected F1 Debrief, we discuss all things budget cap, with a sideline in Tremayning, twittering, and generally whining about life. We also discuss competitions and get your feedback.


Confusion reigns, as I promised live show viewers a mini series last week, and there was no podcast scheduled for this week. Yet here we are!

Good week / Bad week

It's been a good week for Jenson Button as he's signed up to a triathlon for charity, and for Hungarian fans who caught sight of Red Bull around their streets. Bad for tractors in Paris, and people with ears.

News and views

We break the 'don't mention Lewis' pact we made, discuss McLaren's PR, engage in some Twitter promotion, and worry that the BBC are going under with their headlines. There's budget cap discussion, plus some Tremayning, and we also mention a couple of competitions.


Just one email - don't forget you can get involved by emailing, or calling 0121 28 87225 - from Peter who isn't at all impressed with the FIA's shenanigans.


Don't forget that Monaco Free Practice is on a Thursday.